Undoubtedly Iron Ore business is one of the most important and leading contributors in industrial growth and infrastructural development of Iran. In this regard, our purpose is to create long-term value through the exploration , acquisition, development and marketing of Iron Ore resources. Across our global operations, we are committed to work in ways that are true to our Sabanour Charter values of Sustainability, Integrity, Respect, Performance, Simplicity and Accountability.

We are among the Iran’s largest producers of Iron Ore and have substantial interests in Iron Ore Concentrate and Pellet.We are committed to the health and safety of our people, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Sabanour Mining and Industrial Development Company’s rich history began in March 1996. Sabanour is the Iran’s largest producers of Iron Ore in western and northern western of the country. Sabanour engaged in extraction and utilization of mines including crushing, washing, sizing, condensation, smelting and processing of minerals, as well as import, export, consultation, providing mechanical and engineering services and investment in other companies and institutions. Snsteel has substantial interests in discovery, development, production and marketing of Iron Ore. Sabanour started its activities in the beginning of 1997 with the amount of 5 billion rials as an initial capital.